About MeAbout Me

Hi – I’m Samson Kay, the founder and CEO of OneThousandDoors.com, Nice to meet you! Welcome to onethousanddoors.com, where you can learn everything you need to know about me and real estate investing.

I started out in real estate as a regular guy just like you. During the day, I worked a full time job as a mechanical engineer in a for a fortune 500 company in the Chicago Area, and at night, I dawn the hat of an entrepreneur working on my side business.

And what is my business exactly? Well I am in the real estate investment game, specifically in smaller rental properties (buildings with 2-12 apartments) and in helping other investors secure financing for their own deals. Since 2014, I have bought and sold nearly 1.8 million dollars in real estate. Now I control approximately 32 apartment units that net six figures annually.

I specialize in “value add” real estate investing, using creative financing techniques so that I can buy at competitive prices, while limiting my cash exposure.  And I started it all with my first home purchase.

Today, I am on track to triple my portfolio size and I have a 5 year goal to continue to grow 1000 apartment rentals. Hence the name onethousanddoors.com. I founded this site to educate aspiring entrepreneurs on the strategies that I have found to work when searching for and buying real estate, especially for those who are currently brand new to the Real Estate Investment Market.

If you are currently renting, or are interested in getting into the multifamily/apartment rental market, I created this site for you to learn the basics that you will need to know in order to find deals and buy them with little to none of your own money. You will learn where the best deals are hiding in your market, and how to analyze them with out having to set foot on the property.

My Mission

To educate and mentor action takers and visionaries who want to invest in real estate, particularly in the apartment/ multifamily niche, to grow their net worth and generate income, and achieve financial independence.

Vision Statement

To inspire, teach and help 200 entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom by investing in real estate, so that they can achieve financial independence and live a rent free lifestyle. We aim to provide a high quality service that goes above and beyond our members expectations and we endeavor to do so with integrity and trust.

Core Values

  • Help, support, and respect our customers to the highest standards
  • Improve yourself and you skills every day
  • Be positive, resilient, and optimistic.
  • Support your team and collaborate with them
  • Make decisions and be accountable to them
  • Empower and inspire people to make positive changes
  • Celebrate the victories, regardless of the size
  • Know your “Why”
  • Always show integrity.

The foundation of these values are focused on the principle that helping others achieve success is the key to creating success for ourselves.

The secret to my success (and to yours)?

Find a proven system, implement it to the very end while ignoring all distractions, reap the profits, then scale up.

Your success is closer than ever before.

To your success!

Samson Kay